The Department of Social Sciences started its history back in 1954, as the 'Institute of Political and Social Studies', when it was founded by Fr. Fernando de Bastos D'Ávila. A pioneer in its area, the Institute started offering courses in 1955, producing several graduates since then, including some of the most renowned social scientists in Rio de Janeiro State. ...

The Undergraduate Program at the Department of Social Sciences consolidates an academic project that aims to provide a solid theoretical formation, stimulate and develop research skills, as well as further connect students to the marketplace. Within the past years, several new international exchange programs have provided new opportunities for graduate students in European, North American and Latin American universities.

PUC-Rio's Social Science's Undergraduate Program is the only one amongst its city peers to obtain the highest score in ENADE (National Exam for the Assessment of Student Performance) (2005 and 2008), a well-known tool for evaluating student development, which is applied every three years by MEC (Ministry of Education).

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Administrative Structure


PUC-Rio's undergraduate course provides a stimulating environment, combining professionalism and serenity with an excellent relationship amongst professors and students.

We have a well qualified faculty, composed not only of great professors but also of professionals active in other fields, such as researchers, advisers and consultants.

Our course's structure allows our students great access to research activities and provides ample freedom when it comes to curriculum management, ensuring the possibility that the student can major in one of his or hers area of expertise.


The Graduate Program at PUC-Rio's Department of Social Sciences aims to provide students with a comprehensive overview of social, political and cultural problems of contemporary Brazil. It has been organized within two major research lines, complementary and interdependent, focused on the study of society, culture and the brazilian political system.

Our Program's research areas are: Political and Socioeconomic Inequalities in Contemporary Brazil, and Cultural Diversity in Brazil. Jointly, both areas aim to analyze several aspects of Brazilian society, factoring in the globalized world, national public institutions and the civil society, as well as the cultural representations regarding different collective subjects.

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Undergraduate Program
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Graduate Program
Tel: (55 21) 3527-1555 / 3527-1556

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